Toufic El-Rjula

Toufic El-Rjula Tykn

'Toufic "Tey" El-Rjula is CEO and co-founder of After experiencing the financial crash in Dubai in 2008, Tey moved to The Hague, where he became a Blockchain Senior Analyst for, as well as a Bitcoin miner. Born in Kuwait, during the gulf war, when birth registries were destroyed, Tey does not have a birth certificate. He is an “invisible man”, who has met more 1000 more “invisible humans”.

In 2014 he was forced to move into a refugee camp in the Netherlands, after his work permit was terminated. Living in the camp for two years, he came in touch with Syrian refugees who were unable to verify the authenticity of their documents, or had lost important ones such as land titles or academic certificates while fleeing their homelands. With Tykn and project Zinc (Zero INvisible Children) Tey has the goal to solve the paper-based identity problem. He is active as a public speaker and educator on digital currencies and Blockchain technology, a global moderator at, and candidate for an MSc Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia.

What is the Big X you are going to address in your talk and why should we be excited?

“By sharing details of my personal story for the very first time, I will tell why solving the "paper-based identity" problem, became my ultimate motivation in life and who it inspired. 2018 was the BigX for me as it gave me closure with an unpleasant past and closed a chapter, open since 20 years ago.”

What is the best idea worth sharing you came across the past 10 years?

“The ideas worth sharing the past years are: