Liselot Veenendaal

Liselot Veenendaal graduated in 2016 at Hogeschool van de Kunsten Utrecht, and is being supported by the Mondriaan foundation. By constantly questioning what she is doing while making, she remains conscious about the image. While thinking “I don't really think this might be such of a good idea”; she is constantly creating more obstacles and while working on several canvases at the same time, she keeps on track with all her thoughts and associations and also gives them a face, place or existence. In the meantime she is reflecting on herself to directly go ahead with the new thoughts. In a humor-full, ridiculously productive way, she turns spontaneous ideas into visual evidence as a conclusion of her thoughts

What does the Big X mean to you?

“A Big X always makes me feel a bit ‘piratety’, not the one who is treasure hunting but the one hiding everything and drawing a big map and making sure every nice piece of the landscape is covered while others are searching.”

What is the best idea worth sharing you came across the past 10 years?

“I think one of the best ideas I've had is just to make and feel the connection between humans and creating memories together. This might sound a bit over romantic, but is in my opinion the best we can do.”