Yousef Yousef

Why is it hard to scale up green businesses?

Speaker of TEDxAmsterdam 2021

As an inventor and advocate of scaling up green technologies, Yousef Yousef has founded successful companies that provide sustainable solutions in the water industry. Across the globe, Yousef is no stranger to setting up operations and running long-term projects, bringing green water solutions to everyone. His first company LG Sonic was founded in 2011, with the goal to protect the world’s water. Yousef is passionate about entrepreneurship and he has been mentoring greenups in Europe. Connecting technologies that create real impact to corporations became an important mission for him. He helps small companies “knock on big doors’ ‘ and connect SME’s to the right people in large companies, who’s name as a reference would help the new businesses enter the market. This also caught the eye of the European Commission where he shares his vision from an entrepreneur’s perspective. Yousef also highly values diversity and minorities due to his own background as an ex-refugee.

About Yousef Yousef

Inventor And Advocate Of Scaling Up Green Technologies​
Think of 3 successful unicorns – most probably you thought of IT giants, like Google, LinkedIn or Facebook. You didn’t think of companies innovating in the sustainability sector as there are not that many out there. Why is it so much harder to succeed and scale up a green business than IT? Yousef Yousef, an innovator in the water industry and serial entrepreneur, will take you on a journey of the challenges he faced – and has seen many other entrepreneurs face – when scaling up sustainable businesses in traditional markets. He will focus on the 3 unknowns and how it affects our view towards green solutions. Yousef will also share 3 tips on how to overcome these challenges and explain the role governments, research institutions and entrepreneurs can play. As a mentor for green-ups, Yousef aspires to inspire the other crazy minds to scale up green ideas.

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