Thami Schweichler

Changing the world is a phone call away

What are the elements of fear that stop us from following our purpose and starting change? If the majority of us want to have a better world to live in, why do we still find it so difficult to make a move? This talk builds on the experience that led Thami to start Makers Unite, a social enterprise providing programs to refugees in The Netherlands. It explores the key elements necessary to condition our behaviour so that we can start change and make a positive difference, today.

About Thami Schweichler

Thami Schweichler is a social designer and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. He is the founder and director of Makers Unite, an award winning social enterprise providing a platform for inclusion of refugees with a creative background in The Netherlands. Thami has a background in product design, having studied at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, ENSCI-Les Ateliers in France and University of Santa Clara in USA. He has previously worked on the development of Kibo Africa, a social venture proving a moto-taxi service system and products in Kenya.

Believing that the steps between now and making change are as close to us as a simple phone call. From the moment we realise the smallest attitude change can actually make a difference, is the moment we start to move in the right direction. The snowball effect of our positive actions start by our own believe in its value. I would like to share the Fawaka Ondernemersschool ( It is an initiative that provides free quality education for children in less fortunate neighbourhoods in the Netherlands to learn about sustainability, entrepreneurship and how to act responsibly to people and environment. I believe one of the key elements that will lead us to a better future, is the provision of quality education for all. Fawaka is doing it here in The Netherlands for children that otherwise would have hard or little access to it.

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