Sophie Kwizera

The Energy Transition: Do it now & Do it Well

As we transition to a greener energy economy, most people understand the need for more batteries in our Teslas and turbines in our windmills. What is less well-understood is the human cost of those technologies. ActionAid’s Sophie Kwizera will introduce you to the inequalities and inequities involved in sourcing the materials that will power a green economy – from human rights abuses in cobalt mines to the devastating knock on effects of corruption in resource-rich societies – and why we need to do something about it. How can we ensure that, in addressing climate, we don’t just look at our own local benefits, but at the bigger picture in a world that is interdependent and that needs to work together to create a truly sustainable world for everybody? Social – Activity tip Ask yourself where your products come from, and what route they might have take to get to you. This is important to remind myself to be critical about my own consumption and how I contribute to a more sustainable world.

About Sophie Kwizera

Sophie Kwizera (Msc International Public Administration) is currently the policy advisor Natural Resources and Just Transition At ActionAid the Netherlands. She is passionate about justice, peace building, human rights, women’s rights and inclusion. She has been working on responsible mineral supply chains for the past 2 years and before that she worked on peace building in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. She believes that everybody deserves to live in an equal, just and safe world and she is doing her part to try and realise that.

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