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Robin went from ordinary Computer Science student to a trailblazer who turned AI bias into legal history in the Netherlands! She will take you on her – sometimes peculiar – journey to the Dutch Human Rights Institute, setting a precedent in the fight against discriminatory algorithms. Prepare to be shocked and awed as she reveals the alarming reality of bias in AI and the secrets to fighting back – no tech wizardry required! But above all, be ready to be inspired and empowered in the fight against the machines.

Robin Pocornie

About Robin Pocornie

Student, AI Justice Advocate and Changemaker
Robin Pocornie (Amsterdam, 1996) is a real multi-hyphenate! She has experience in and a passion for the neuro- and computer sciences, in addition to being a creative producer for cultural organisations in Amsterdam. Robin was born and raised in Amsterdam, but has also lived and worked in Costa Rica, the USA, and Australia, before moving back to the Netherlands in 2018. Her background in the computer sciences makes her highly aware of the ways in which our societal inequalities influence our rapidly advancing technological world. She is the first person to produce case law on algorithmic racism in the Netherlands. In an accessible and easy-to-understand way, she invites people to gain awareness on AI ethics issues and how we can all work to mitigate them.

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Robin Pocornie

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