Noah Tucker

High Cuisine challenges, the rules of fine dining and drugs!

Speaker of TEDxAmsterdam 2021

A native New Yorker, now residing in Amsterdam for the last 14 yrs , Noah knew he wanted to be a chef from the age of six. Always Focused on becoming a restaurant owner hospitality entrepreneur. Noah was a veteran of the US Navy and a graduate of the culinary institute of America. After military and school, he has travelled the globe from Japan to Europe acquiring and honing his skill set. But working in New York, Japan and California were where he really mastered his art, learning and developing his palate in leading Michelin kitchens, before moving to Amsterdam where he has owned, created and developed a number of original concepts including their most ambitious one, high Cuisine!!!

About Noah Tucker

Chef and Entrepreneur
Noah calls into question our ingrained relationship with food and drugs from an adult perspective. Challenging taboos and laws that have led us to a misguided journey of what’s a drug and what is food. Together with Anthony Joseph, he created High Cuisine to explore and challenge the way food and drugs are perceived and ingested. This combination is being explored at the highest level possible. Searching the globe for the best ingredients and the best drugs. They create bespoke dining experiences along with a tv show for you to take this journey with them. Noah disputes the notion that we only eat garlic, oregano, tarragon because they are tasty. All food and drugs have an origin and the majority come from a medicinal use case. The bigger question is why do we consider sugar or caffeine not as dangerous as weed or psychedelics and who told us this? Why do we consider French Cuisine Haute? Yet it’s filled with fat and sugars and offers very little healing power? Why is African or equator reigned food still being considered as ethnic cuisine in the global dining scene? Why do we think about food and drugs the way we do? Noah wants to question everything we think and know to be normal when it comes to food and drugs.

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