Naomie Pieter

We need to reinvent the activist

Speaker of TEDxAmsterdam 2021

Intersectional queer and anti-racist activist Naomie Pieter is the founder of ‘ Pon Di Pride’ and co-founder of ‘Black Queer & Trans Resistance NL’, as well as the founder of Black Pride NL. She won the Roze Lieverdje award 2020, The Winq Inspiration Award 2021 and the Jos Brink Award 2021 for her work within the LGBTQIA+ community and she also won the Pax Peace Award 2020. Having completed her training as a choreographer at Amsterdam’s Academy of Theatre and Dance, Naomie mixes the organisation of protest rallies and designing choreographies effortlessly. “Protest is a social choreography. We’re organizing body, space and time. Who walks up front, what are the visuals, what is the stage?” She became the new chairwoman of Women’s March NL.

About Naomie Pieter

Artist and black queer activist
The birth of Black Pride in the Netherlands during the pandemic shows us it’s possible to organize from a different place. A place of joy, of love, of community and healing. To actively stand for what you want and need and therefore automatically showing what you are against. By reinventing the activist, Naomi feels we get a closer look on who we are, and what we stand for. If we look more inwards, everyone is an activist in its own right and personal way. Naomi wants us to hold on to that feeling of togetherness. Take your time to think about what you stand for, and in which new ways you can make a difference. But most importantly your actions small or big are enough, we are the people, and we hold the power of change.

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