The reality of living the fantasy

Venus Bijleveld, a drag artist professionally known as Ma’MaQueen, will share their journey of creating an alter ego and how this can transform one’s identity and society at large. They will show us how drag can be a powerful tool for self-expression, empowerment, and liberation. They will also invite us to imagine a world where everyone can be who they want to be, without fear or judgement.

Ma’Ma Queen

About Ma’Ma Queen

Professional Drag Artist
Ma’MaQueen is an internationally known powerhouse based in Rotterdam Netherlands. Mother of the House of Holographic Hoes. She is an artist with a powerful vision, a strong mind and a very warm and open heart. Fighting for equality by celebrating diversity. Ma’MaQueen is a supporter of political party Bij1. She is also a queen who reads inclusive children books for kids because she understands the power of (the lack of) representation and therefore knows the importance of good representation for the development of the sense of self worth. The person behind the drag artist is Venus Bijleveld, a nonbinary trans feminine person who is currently transitioning.

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Ma’Ma Queen

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