All the sea we do not see

Lisa Becking, a tropical marine biologist, will share her insights on how marine species adapt to environmental change over time, and how this knowledge can help us conserve life at sea. Lisa’s research dives into the heart of our oceans, exploring how marine biodiversity adapts in response to environmental changes over both ecological and evolutionary timescales. As she peers into the depths of our underwater world, she wonders about the incredible diversity of species, how they coexist, and what maintains this delicate balance.

Lisa Becking

About Lisa Becking

Tropical Marine Biologist
Lisa Becking is an associate professor in tropical marine biodiversity at Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Wageningen University & Research (WUR) in the Netherlands. As a marine biologist she studies life in the sea. With her work she aims to enhance our understanding and appreciation of marine biodiversity. Her work subsequently informs science-based conservation management. Her work has been valued broadly, for example as a former member of the De Jonge Akademie of the Dutch Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences, receiving grants from the Dutch Science Council (NWO), and the Women for Science Award of UNESCO-LÓréal. Public dialogue and societal impact are an integral part of her work as a scientist. She believes strongly that the dissemination of research findings to a broader public is crucial to attract young talent, and to make society more aware of life in the sea. She works towards this with public speaking, as a columnist, and a National Geographic Explorer. Lisa is program leader of INREEF, focused on the balance of tourism in marine protected areas for coral reefs. Within INREEF she has formed a transdisciplinary team of researchers, educators, conservationists and policy makers from Indonesia, the Dutch Caribbean and The Netherlands.

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Lisa Becking

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