Jovana Karanović

The Side of Platform Economy You Haven't Seen

Platform companies such as Uber, Deliveroo and Airbnb have quickly disrupted the market, bringing efficiency powered by sophisticated algorithms. However, they have been heavily criticized for their evasive practices. Jovana Karanović shows us the other side of the coin – the platform economy that we may not have encountered, but that is emerging as a counter-movement to the mainstream model and promising a more fair value distribution.

About Jovana Karanović

Jovana Karanović research focuses on the rise and growth of platform companies, competitive strategies, and the new organizational forms enabled by digital technologies. Jovana’s recent study, which looks at workers’ responses to Uber as a new form of organizing in the platform economy, has been published in a leading business journal – Journal of Management Studies. Jovana founded Reshaping Work in 2016 – an innovative international and multi-stakeholder events series discussing the latest trends concerning digital technologies and the future of work by promoting research and collective thinking. Since then, the events have gathered leading experts from around to world to inspire discussions on timely topics such as the platform economy and artificial intelligence, and expended around the continent to allow more nuisance discussions at a regional level. Jovana is also an RSA Fellow (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce), and considered one of the most inspiring women in the Netherlands by magazine VIVA. She is a frequent speaker at academic and industry events and has served as an expert on panels and boards of major companies and public institutions.

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