Jazzy Taihuttu

The World of the East: Film education and multiperspectivity

Speaker of TEDxAmsterdam 2021

Jazzy Taihuttu has a background in art and film education and works as a film teacher at an Amsterdam based High School: Het 4e Gymnasium. In addition to her teaching position, Jazzy works on educational projects, usually about the colonial past and its impact on our current society. For the film De Oost (directed by Jim Taihuttu, 2021) she is working as Head of Education and developed school material for the educational project De Wereld van de Oost (The World of the East). Jazzy lived and worked in Indonesia for a longer period of time to really dive into the culture, history of the country and the past colonial stories.

About Jazzy Taihuttu

Head of education (De Wereld van de Oost)/ Film teacher (Het 4e Gymnasium)
With the movie De Oost Jazzy opens the conversation about our colonial past”. She shows how to translate a creative and popular outlet like film into school material with a focus on multiperspectivity and dialogue. Whilst making the film De Oost (The East) and the education project De Wereld van de Oost (The World of the East) she found a way to discuss historical stories in class, with a focus on empathy for different narratives and creative maker ship. In this talk Jazzy would like to illustrate the journey of creating the right teaching materials for a fictive film and a very important colonial history that needs to be discussed. With this material you can shift the way students learn about important issues and the world around them, which doesn’t have to stop with this project.

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