Govert Schilling

Govert Schilling

Why everyone should follow a crash course in astronomy

In Planet Act it’s important to realise what we do here on Earth not only impacts our planet directly but also the its place in the universe. Govert is a published author and speaker, he even has an asteroid named after him. For his work in the field of popularization of astronomy, Govert received various prizes and awards, including the Simon Stevin Telescope of the Royal Dutch Association for Meteorology and Astronomy and including the Eureka Oeuvre (Lifetime) Prize of the Dutch Organisation for Scientific Research NWO. In his talk ‘Why every politician should follow a crash course in astronomy’ Govert explains how a more cosmic view of human existence can lead to a more humane society.

About Govert Schilling

Govert Schilling has spent his life exploring the stars. A science journalist by trade and a passionate astronomer by heart. He has shared his passion for astronomy through various articles and books, but recently also through his own television program on Dutch national TV. Across 6 episodes, which were broadcasts in the Spring of this year, he explored man’s place in space and time, and what the future holds for all of us.  He still draws great inspiration from man’s first moon landing in 1969 but is also eager to see what impact the manned space flights to Mars will have. 

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