How technology is changing the way we experience art

Friendred, one of the most innovative and visionary artists of our time, will share his reality on how technology is changing the way we experience art, and how performative interaction can elicit collective emotions and expand our bodily awareness.

Friendred Peng

About Friendred Peng

Computational Artist
Friendred is a computational artist and researcher. Currently, he is a Course Leader & Senior Lecturer at the University of the Arts London. He has worked at various academic institutions, including University College London (IOE, UCL) and Goldsmiths. Friendred’s work has been focused on disciplines across art, technology and sciences, exploring the agency of the technologized body, sensory apparatus and interactive systems. His research explores the intertwined relationship between technology, installation and performance arts in HCI. Friendred’s work has been widely published and has been recognized by various awards including the Oppo Renovator award. He has exhibited internationally with works such as “Moving Photon” (London), Skin-Awareness (Arizona), as well as others at Tate Britain, The Design Museum and other galleries internationally. His works have also been presented at the London design festival and Dutch design week.

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Friendred Peng

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