Growing back ice, in the Arctic?

As the Arctic summer sea ice rapidly declines, the planet is at a tipping point. Fonger Ypma, a cleantech entrepreneur who founded Arctic Reflections, will share his innovative approach to preserving Arctic ice to mitigate the impacts of global warming and climate change.

Fonger Ypma

About Fonger Ypma

Founder & CEO
Fonger Ypma is a cleantech entrepreneur, who recently founded Arctic Reflections, with the moonshot mission to restore Arctic Sea Ice to counter global warming. After obtaining a PhD in Mathematical Physics from Oxford University, Fonger worked as a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company for several years. From there, he moved to Eneco, a Dutch sustainable energy company, to be part of a newly formed unit on Innovation & Corporate Venturing. At Eneco, he led the innovation team, and founded a cross-company programme on data science and AI. As an experienced leader in the energy transition, he co-founded a start-up aimed at data center waste heat reuse, and was CEO of a housing market data analytics scale-up. Initially starting his Arctic ice initiative as a side project with the Technical University of Delft, he is now full time dedicated to this endeavour.

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Fonger Ypma

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