Dennis Storm

Turn your life around by saying no to your inner consumer

We live in a consumer-based society, where nothing ever seems to be enough. We are told that we need to keep buying things, whether that’s to keep the economy going, to satisfy our own fear of missing out or simply because product placement pulls an inception on our brain. But, if we’re being perfectly honest with ourselves, we don’t really need all that stuff. Our lives might actually turn out better after we bin our short-term desires and turn to a clean and minimal lifestyle. It’s the inspiring lesson that interior designer Dennis Storm, a TEDx Amsterdam speaker this year, is trying to teach us.  In “Weg ermee”, Dennis shares his vision on the art of minimalistic décor. Disposing of economic parameters of progress, but rather choosing one’s personal happiness as a measurement. Going back to the essence of it all, his view on minimalism is applicable to all aspects of life. Yet, it is something that can hold a different meaning for everyone. It’s all about changing your life and teaching yourself to not take the consumer-based society seriously, in a way that works for you.  Joining the minimalist movement is world-changing. By buying less, you’re doing more. By consuming less, you’re saving more. And, by worrying less, you act more. 

About Dennis Storm

Anyone who’s familiar with Dutch public television, is probably familiar with Dennis Storm. For over a decade, his televised antics gave us a wide variety of memorable moments in TV-history. He had it all: both the fame and the fortune, but yet, it did not provide him with the satisfaction he so craved. What Dennis truly desired was peace and quiet, brought on by a minimalist lifestyle, and sharing it with others.  He went off the grid, quitting his job as a television producer and down-sizing his residence. He embraced the minimalist lifestyle and got rid of all the unneccessary items in his life. His new focus embraces the lifestyle fully, and he has even written a book where his vision is shared with the public. 

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