Arjan Dwarshuis

The sky is the limit

For most of us, the range of winged animals we see in a day is rather limited. Maybe an inbound flutter of a pigeon heading directly towards you, the piercing squawk of a seagull over the city or a muddle of mischievous magpies. If we extend that array of sightings to a year, then the number of species we see probably only jump up by around 10 or so and that’s if we’re lucky enough to cram a few holidays in. Or is that the case? Are we just blind to the extent of sky life around us?  If you’re Arjan Dwarshuis, you’d agree with the latter. There are currently around 10700 recognised species of birds across the entire world. In a single year Dwarshuis spotted almost two thirds of those species’ in a dedicated swoop of the world that was mapped across 40 different countries. Arjan set the new world record with this effort in 2016. Being a world record holder is quite a title, but what’s more impressive, we believe, is the reason behind Arjan’s hobby turned vocation. 

About Arjan Dwarshuis

Arjan’s passion for bird watching doesn’t stem from a way to fill his spare time. Instead he makes time for it. To experience nature in its finest form in some of the most remote places on the planet. Whilst doing so he is able to learn, educate and inspire in hope that he can raise money to prevent the extinction of all globally threatened species of bird.  Being more aware of our surroundings is what allows us to connect with them. To have a deeper understanding makes us think about our actions more.  There’s a lot to be said for someone that follows their passion and many lessons that can be learned. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and be resilient to ensure you fulfil your own goals! 

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