Pioneers of 2021

Nicky Card

Nicky Card is a financial app and debit card for teens that teaches them money skills. Teens learn spending, savings, earning, investing, crypto & donations with interactive games and videos in the mobile app. Using those skills in real life with their debit card means gaining points and badges, so they stay motivated and feel accomplished. Parents gain actionable insights into teen spending, set flexible limits and savings goals, track learning progress, and get real-time notifications. Nicky facilitates family conversations about money between parents and teens.

About the Pioneer

Igor Curic is an auditor, entrepreneur and self-confessed finance geek. After discussing finance with his niece and nephew he realized there was lack of fundamental education for teenagers around finances and managing their money, so he decided to set something up to change that. He created an app to teach young people about money in a fun way, how to manage their money and what the all the jargon means. His first goal is to use Nicky Card to eradicate financial illiteracy amongst teens. His second is to make sure that Nicky Card becomes synonymous for opening your first bank account at 10 years old.

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