Minimal Car

The Minimal Car is designed to do more with less. Less material, less weight and less energy; only the essentials. Electrically driven and completely recyclable, this car is designed to require a minimal amount of energy in both production and use. All parts for the Minimal Car are either standard off-the-shelf or can be produced using computer aided manufacturing. This means that the Minimal Car can be built and repaired anywhere, by anyone; the garage becomes the factory.

About Pioneer Barend Koolhaas

Barend Koolhas is an architect, urban designer, founder of OUIAs and brain behind the Minimal Car. The future of our cities depend on how well we can adapt them to a changing climate. Our streets need to be greener in order to deal with increasing temperatures. The soil needs to be able to absorb water and biodiversity in the city needs to increase. We need to manage our energy and material resources better. All this means we have to reconsider our mobility. Cars and their infrastructure use up too much space and resources. This space can be in much better ways. This project is about transitioning people away from the car and making it easier for them to change their behaviour in ways that are more social and equitable. OUI is about making our streets greener, safer, more social and more fun, for everyone.

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