Pioneers of 2021


KLABU means club in a Swahili and is a social enterprise that gives refugees access to sports. Klabu builds sports clubs in refugee camps and creates sportswear to support the clubs. The sports clubs are unique safe spaces where children, teenagers and their families can find relief and joy in the practice of sport. Refugee camps are desolate places with often nothing to do. The average time spent in a camp is 17 years and KLABU believes that life should not only be about survival, it should also be about happiness and sports contributes to physical and mental wellbeing. Our clubs are run by refugees, empower the refugees and allow them to reconnect with feelings of pride and joy which allow them to rebuild their lives far away from home. To grow our club of supporters, we create and sell KLABU sportswear that is created by and represents the refugees in our KLABU clubs.

About the Pioneer

Alexander Webb, key player and project manager at Klabu, graduated from university looking to work in something young, fearless, grassroots and centered around positivity. He soon discovered KLABU, the perfect company that combined his love for sports with his immense joy at helping others. “I knew that in a small team, I could have a real impact and participate in the growth of an idea that has huge potential.” His idea of success, he says, would be to change the narrative around refugees and instead of focusing on the horror stories, the sadness or the fears, KLABU focuses on the incredible beauty of these people, their talents, their value and their quest for normalcy. The KLABU motto is the Unbeatable Spirit and they focus on the spirit of refugees that they believe is so strong and should be showcased to everyone.

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