Pioneers of 2021


iSeekMe is a mentor-to-mentor social media platform which connects people from different life stages, to exchange life experiences to accelerate each other’s personal growth. At iSeekMe they believe that everyone is a mentor. People come into your life either to inspire you or irritate you, but there’s valuable life lessons to be learnt in every interaction. Learning these lessons is the fastest way to develop a future fit mindset, which is an important condition to build a sustainable and equal society. Just as writing and reading once upon a time was only limited to the upper class, Iseekme’s mission is to build a movement in which we democratize social emotional development, thus making it available for everyone.

About the Pioneer

Steven de Lira, born and raised in Curacao, is a tech entrepreneur operating in the field of social emotional development. He developed a method, called Social Deep Learning which is used in his platform to make social emotional development scalable and measurable. He worked as a successful consultant and trainer within the corporate environment, when he realised could expand his help beyond the privileged few in society. He believes coaching, mentoring and training of social emotional development should be accessible for everyone.

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