Human Material Loop

In Europe alone, 150 million kg of human hair waste ends up in landfills or in incinerators, while human hair is the same keratin protein fiber as wool. HUMAN MATERIAL LOOP has developed a technology to utilize waste keratin protein fiber & develop high-performance products for the textile industry.

About Pioneer Zsofia Kollar

Zsofia Kollar is a designer, researcher, published author & the founder of Human Material Loop. For her, design goes beyond mere aesthetics; it holds the power to challenge perceptions and reshape societal norms. This sense of responsibility led her to found Human Material Loop, a material science company.The core focus of Human Material Loop is the transformation of keratin waste, specifically hair, into high-performance, planet-positive materials tailored for the textile industry.Zsofia emphasizes the symbiotic human-ecosystem relationship, seeing us as a part of nature, not above it.

As the CEO of Human Material Loop, Zsofia’s current mission is to take their innovations to a global scale. Through scientific advancements she and her team are developing technologies to transform the strongest protein found in nature, keratin into standard materials.

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