Pioneers of 2021

Code Noir

Code Noir is an interactive/participatory learning experience, in various forms including a dinner, workshop and talks. Code Noir is a learning resource that facilitates participants’ engagement in the food history of the Caribbean, exploring the wider subjects implicated, including slavery, colonisation, globalisation. By taking the form of dinners, workshops, and talks the topics become digestible and approachable for participants, making way for deeper thought and action surrounding the impact of global trade colonisation, slavery and immigration in their own communities.

About the Pioneer

Lelani Lewis, born and raised in London, works in a plethora of roles within the food industry including food photography and styling but most notably as a chef. Realizing Caribbean food was often omitted from the menu and not given an equal platform to other world cuisines, she set out to change this. Using authentic recipes and flavors, she has created supper clubs and workshops that use authentic Caribbean ingredients to feed the mind; educating her diners on the history around the regions rich history, in particular global trade, slavery and sustainability.

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