Boogieland Foundation

The Boogieland Foundation is a young and socially committed foundation that operates under the motto: ‘free boxing for everyone’
The aim of the foundation is to contribute to a mentally and physically healthy city. (Kick)boxing is one of the fastest growing sports in the Netherlands at all levels of society. The mentality of self-care and resilience is deeply connected to combat sports and is held in high regard.
The foundation strives for free boxing for everyone in Amsterdam and beyond. By placing free boxing stations in public areas, residents can increase their mental and physical health and connect in their local neighborhoods through sports.

About Pioneer Malika Saidi

Rutger grew up in Amsterdam and at a young age, he was already busy organizing sport tournaments in the neighborhood to bring people together. He has started two businesses in the city, offering workspace rentals and organizing parties & festivals and guided sustainable startups for 5 years at Impact Hub Amsterdam, it was time for a new step. Now, Rutger is the business leader of the Boogieland Foundation is responsible for strategy & fundraising.

Malika has around 20 years of (kick)boxing experience and holds a National title. She has a professional background in physiotherapy and started her personal training company Malika.Boxing two years ago. Her sports mentality has taught her to push through to achieve goals and not give up. At the Boogieland Foundation she is responsible for the partnerships, clinics and expansion of the boxing bag locations.

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