Pioneers of 2021

Blade Made

Blade Made is transforming the waste from wind turbines to functional and beautiful objects such as imaginative dystopian playgrounds for children. This reduces the use of virgin resources with products that have a lower carbon footprint than conventional designs. In fact, Blade Made reduces carbon emissions by around 90% compared to conventionally made playgrounds. If only 5% of The Netherlands’ yearly production of urban furniture such as playgrounds, public seating, and bus shelters were made using waste rotor blades, then all of The Netherlands’ estimated 400 waste rotor blades produced annually would be removed from the waste stream. Blade Made can also create urban furniture and have ideas for pedestrian bridges, sound barriers and spectacular art works. Blade Made is an impact company established by its creators from Superuse, their long-time ambassadors from New Citizen Design and their US partner Newton Brown Urban Design.

About the Pioneer

Jos de Krieger studied architecture at TU Delft and now has over 12 years’ experience in architecture and sustainable design. His curious nature and imagination led him to innovative architecture and in particular designing with waste materials. Creating playgrounds from waste wind turbines is a perfect example of this. His dream is to see Blade Made appear in cities around the world, not only limited to playgrounds but to benches, large scale art pieces and bridges.
Wind turbines are a fantastic way to harvest natural energy, but these vast machines are often difficult and expensive to fix, meaning we have huge amounts of valuable composite materials that would go to waste. Jos and his company, Blade Made created a solution for this.

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