Arkive. is an end-of-life partner to the world’s leading beauty brands, connecting purpose-driven consumers with just-too-good-to-go products. Their mission is to rescue 1 billion products by 2030 and build the world’s first data-driven platform for end-of-life management where beauty brands can resell, repurpose and donate surplus inventory.

About Pioneer Sinem Tuncer

With 15 years in supply chain and 5 years in tech, leading at several tech companies, Sinem holds a bachelor’s & MicroMaster’s in Supply Chain Management from MIT, showcasing commitment to excellence.

A true global citizen, fluent in Dutch, English, and Turkish, enabling seamless communication across cultures. Their heartfelt passion for beauty and environmental sustainability fuels their mission. This dedication inspired Arkive’s launch, a groundbreaking initiative combating waste and paving the way for a greener future. Join their journey towards a cleaner world.

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