Speaker: Schiphol Real Estate

Steps towards a more sustainable future

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Schiphol Real Estate have the aim to offer companies and people who are based at the airport an inspiring workplace. A place to work that goes further than the office doors and allows people’s ideas to flourish. They have a local community called Spot Schiphol where they aim to connect tenants to one other through their online platform. Here they promote local events and opportunities for businesses to connect with one and other. 

In order to combat pressing climate issues, Schiphol Real Estate are making big moves in order to reduce their carbon footprint where they can. SRE are very ambitious when it comes to promoting a sustainable future.  They aim to be climate neutral by 2040 and achieve zero waste a decade earlier, by 2030. They’re already making big steps towards their goals. To ensure they stick to their goals they are currently developing their portfolio in accordance with BREEAM guidelines. In doing so they will apply innovative and circular construction methods to make their developments more sustainable.

It’s been great to have SRE on board with respect to this year’s theme ‘Planet Act’ as they demonstrate great efforts and set a good example for how communities can achieve sustainable goals if they work together and take time to plan carefully. It’s refreshing to see large companies put their heads together and lead the way towards a more sustainable future.

If you were lucky enough to attend TedxAmsterdam Planet Act you may be able to catch a glimpse of yourself here. If you weren’t able to make it on the day, you can watch the live stream here.

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