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On November 8th 2019, TEDxAmsterdam hosts its Planet Act event at the Beurs van Berlage. An event that fits perfectly in this unique historical meeting place! TEDxAmsterdam wants to bring people together for an inspiring event and the Beurs van Berlage is Amsterdam’s ultimate meeting place. In the historic city centre of Amsterdam, the Beurs fulfils the function of the city’s people’s palace.

The aim of TEDxAmsterdam – Planet Act is to share valuable insights and ideas about climate change during the event. Several speeches will take place, all with Planet Act as their central theme. Precisely because the event brings people together, it ensures that visitors meet each other and new conversations are established and ideas are spread. The ultimate goal is to inspire the participants to take targeted actions in the field of sustainability together.

Transforming personal ideas about our society into action is also central to the construction of the Beurs van Berlage. The architect of the Beurs, H.P. Berlage, has incorporated several references to his own socialist ideals in the design of the building. According to Berlage, capitalism would not last long. That is why he designed the Beurs in such a way that, after the fall of capitalism, it could serve as a people’s palace. The references to his ideals can still be found in various places in the building. The attention for the work of the workers is for example still reflected in the friezes and quatrains on the walls of the Beurs.

Nowadays, we constantly share our ideas online. On social media we tag our friends, read articles and share posts. A constantly trending subject online is Sustainability. TEDxAmsterdam acknowledges that we already pay a lot of attention to this theme in today’s society, but asks how do we redirect this attention to specific actions?

The speakers at TEDxAmsterdam have been selected because they have already succeeded in taking actions. They have implemented their own unique visions and have managed to change the world with them. They did this by doing journalistic research, inventing new devices that have transformed lives, and by, literally, taking the lead.

They are already setting a good example, but to actually change today’s society, people must be brought together and be inspired. By coming together in the Beurs van Berlage, we use our valuable time together in a meaningful way. During Planet Act we look for ways to shape our shared visions for the future, just like H.P. Berlage and his colleagues did 116 years ago.

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