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About TEDxAmsterdam .

Amsterdam is a city in motion. Its ability to adapt and act for the better is what defines its history, present and future. This is because of the people who inhabit it, the ones who are constantly striving to make a change. Being in this constant state of flux is what makes it thrive. It's what makes a city act. Never before have TEDxAmsterdam and the beautiful city it calls home been more aligned than in 2019. Now is the time to stand up for what you believe in and act. In the spirit of TED’s mission of ideas worth spreading to local communities around the globe, TEDx brings people together to share an inspirational event experience. Organised by curious individuals from the local community, TEDxAmsterdam features live speakers who seek to spark deep conversations and connections. TEDxAmsterdam is organised independently under license from TED.

About TED .

TED is a nonprofit whose mission it is so share ideas worth spreading in a global community of curious souls. Initially, the platform hosted inspirational talks in Technology, Entertainment and Design. Today, there's virtually a TED talk for any topic - in over 100 languages. The global TED community welcomes people from all disciplines and cultures as they seek a deeper understanding of the world. These ideas inspire to act as they change attitudes, lives and the world.

About Planet ACT .

We read social posts and blogs on sustainability, we share them, we like them, we tag our friends. We think about it, we want to know more about it and we share thoughts about it. We invest our time in knowing more on how to protect our planet. We accept less of the solutions given and question more. Are the things we do, the things we should be doing? The opinions of others will continue to clash but the integrity of your thoughts should stay strong. Stand up for what you believe in and stand up for our world. Question the views of others and plan for tomorrow. Time is going faster, it's a fluid and precious aspect of life. It feels like we're running. It's what we do with our time and our thinking that counts. The time to think is now over. It is time for action. Immediate action. Planet act thinks less and does more. It's how we act. Don’t wait. Do more. Join the movement. Planet act.

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