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For most of us, the range of winged animals we see in a day is rather limited. Maybe an inbound flutter of a pigeon heading directly towards you, the piercing squawk of a seagull over the city or a muddle of mischievous magpies. If we extend that array of sightings to a year, then the number of species we see

Toine Heijmans, the multi award winning columnist, editor and novelist who’s made a credible stamp with his input writing for Volkskrant will take the stage at this year’s TedxAmsterdam. A writer who’s work is heavily infused by the experience he’s gained from writing and reporting in different sectors and mediums. From weekly columns to television scripts and travel journalism to

We read social posts and blogs on sustainability, we share them, we like them, we tag our friends. We think about it, we want to know more about it and we share thoughts about it. We invest our time in knowing more on how to protect our planet. We accept less of the solutions given and question more. Are the