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TEDxAmsterdam 2019; impact the planet.

We read social posts and blogs on sustainability, we share them, we like them, we tag our friends. We think about it, we want to know more about it and we share thoughts about it. We invest our time in knowing more on how to protect our planet. We accept less of the solutions given and question more. Are the things we do, the things we should be doing?

The opinions of others will continue to clash but the integrity of your thoughts should stay strong. Stand up for what you believe in and stand up for our world. Question the views of others and plan for tomorrow. Time is going faster, it’s a fluid and precious aspect of life. It feels like we’re running. It’s what we do with our time and our thinking that counts.

The world is ready for it. People need to get ready for it. It’s no longer a time to be aware and woke about things that make our world longer lasting, it’s time to act. We should use our awareness and put it into actionable results.

TEDxAmsterdam brings together a group of people who are ready for change, who open their minds to knowing more and doing better. It’s time for TEDxAmsterdam to make a stand. That’s why this year’s theme is Planet Act. We will all come together for one day in one place, but what we take away from it can impact our planet.