Programme Curator

We are currently looking for a Programme Curator to help us take the next TEDxAmsterdam edition to an unprecedented level. As a member of the Speakers and Programme Team, you will be co-responsible for the content of our events. Alongside three other programme curators, you will be in charge of creating an incredible conference experience […]

Back-End Web Developers  (4 – 8 hrs a week)

Our website is a platform for our TEDxCommunity with a huge collection of inspirational videos, articles, speakers profiles and more. Besides the websites function as a platform, every year we will host several TEDx events, which then our website will be transformed to campaign and support these events. As a Back End Web Developer you will […]

Robin Koops: Building my own pancreas

What can you do when you’re forced to release control over your life? You take it back. That’s what Robin Koops did with his AP, or Artificial Pancreas. His diabetes took away a large part of his life. All the little things that seemed to take all of his energy, was in fact diabetes. He […]

2020 TEDxAmsterdam: Planet ACT

We read social posts and blogs on sustainability, racism, politics, and inequality. We share them, we like them, we tag our friends. We think about it, we want to know more about it and we share our thoughts about it. We invest our time in knowing more on how to protect our planet and its […]

Schiphol Real Estate: Steps towards a more sustainable future

Schiphol Real Estate have the aim to offer companies and people who are based at the airport an inspiring workplace. A place to work that goes further than the office doors and allows people’s ideas to flourish. They have a local community called Spot Schiphol where they aim to connect tenants to one other through […]

Wouter de Jong: A better world starts in your head

We often think that self-care involves eating well and exercising, but actually it all starts in your head. Just like your physical muscles, your mental ones can be trained as well. That’s why bestselling author Wouter de Jong will transform the Beurs van Berlage into a gym for the mind during TEDxAmsterdam. In only twenty […]

Clarice Gargard: Social advocate for society

Our moderator is a very special person who can definitely not be pigeon-holed. Clarice Gargard works for national and local TV at BNNVARA and AT5, but also for Vogue en The Correspondent. Moreover, she’s mainly a social advocate for society. Her upbringing during the Liberian civil wars and her family history was documented in the […]

Dennis Storm: Turn your life around by saying no to your inner consumer

We live in a consumer-based society, where nothing ever seems to be enough. We are told that we need to keep buying things, whether that’s to keep the economy going, to satisfy our own fear of missing out or simply because product placement pulls an inception on our brain. But, if we’re being perfectly honest […]

Jan van de Venis: Who owns nature? Or does nature own itself?

Jan van de Venis

Do humans own everything? Or can nature or a part of nature, like a river, a national park or even a tree have rights? Who owns it? Nature owning itself is part of an emerging “rights of nature” movement that’s inspiring so many around the world. Jan van de Venis is owner of law firm JustLaw, […]

Thijs Biersteker: It’s time to feel the facts

In times where topics like climate change, deforestation and mass migration can be overwhelming, artist Thijs Biersteker turns scientific research into empowering interactive art installations.    As an artist and tutor at the Technical University Delft, he works together with universities and scientists worldwide to turn their, sometimes  shocking, facts on today’s pressing issues into relatable […]