Sophie Kwizera: The Energy Transition: Do it now & Do it Well

Social – Acts Worth Knowing Tip this initiative is an important one that is running right now, demand legislation for responsible supply chains. Social – Podcast Tip “The looting Machine – Tom Burgis Material Matters – Thomas Rau”  

2020 TEDxAmsterdamSalon Act II : The World of Tomorrow

2020 Act II : The World of Tomorrow Building a ‘good place’ for the future. We rise, and we fall, alone and together.There are moments in life where everything changes.What used to be normal can change in the blink of an eye.Through a conversation that made you think differently about something, an artwork that changed […]

2020 TEDxAmsterdamSalon

On the 18th of March, a motivated group of future TEDxAmsterdam volunteers gathered online for our first meeting. The world had just turned upside down, but no one was letting this get in the way of their excitement. If anything, the Corona crisis created more urgency for the organisation and its mission to spread ‘Ideas […]