Arjan Dwarshuis: The sky is the limit

For most of us, the range of winged animals we see in a day is rather limited. Maybe an inbound flutter of a pigeon heading directly towards you, the piercing squawk of a seagull over the city or a muddle of mischievous magpies. If we extend that array of sightings to a year, then the […]

Bette Dam: The ability to uncover secrets better than the military

To dig up the truth we must accept less, and question more. Bette Dam, Dutch journalist & author,  wrote a book about one of the most mysterious people in the world of terrorism, Mullah Omar. By cross checking sightings and talking to different people on multiple occasions, she was able to identify the leader of […]

Carola Rackete: The captain who helps refugees cross oceans

Carola Rackete is a German ship captain who works for the German sea rescue organisation Sea-Watch. Fortune called Rackete the “fresh new face” of the European migrant crisis. In June of 2019, she was arrested for docking a migrant rescue ship without authorization in the port of Lampedusa, Italy. Her ship picked up 53 migrants in the […]

Robin Koops: The man who challenged diabetes

At the age of just 30, Koops was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. His doctors informed him that life as he knew would change forever. Their advice was to just take it easy. But that’s not what Koops did. Koops is an inventor and builder of machines, he worked on numerous projects for supermarket-chain Albert […]

Govert Schilling: Why everyone should follow a crash course in astronomy

Govert Schilling

Govert Schilling has spent his life exploring the stars. A science journalist by trade and a passionate astronomer by heart. He has shared his passion for astronomy through various articles and books, but recently also through his own television program on Dutch national TV. Across 6 episodes, which were broadcasts in the Spring of this […]