Wouter de Jong: A better world starts in your head

We often think that self-care involves eating well and exercising, but actually it all starts in your head. Just like your physical muscles, your mental ones can be trained as well. That’s why bestselling author Wouter de Jong will transform the Beurs van Berlage into a gym for the mind during TEDxAmsterdam. In only twenty […]

Dennis Storm: Turn your life around by saying no to your inner consumer

We live in a consumer-based society, where nothing ever seems to be enough. We are told that we need to keep buying things, whether that’s to keep the economy going, to satisfy our own fear of missing out or simply because product placement pulls an inception on our brain. But, if we’re being perfectly honest […]

Jan van de Venis: Who owns nature? Or does nature own itself?

Jan van de Venis

Do humans own everything? Or can nature or a part of nature, like a river, a national park or even a tree have rights? Who owns it? Nature owning itself is part of an emerging “rights of nature” movement that’s inspiring so many around the world. Jan van de Venis is owner of law firm JustLaw, […]

Thijs Biersteker: It’s time to feel the facts

In times where topics like climate change, deforestation and mass migration can be overwhelming, artist Thijs Biersteker turns scientific research into empowering interactive art installations.    As an artist and tutor at the Technical University Delft, he works together with universities and scientists worldwide to turn their, sometimes  shocking, facts on today’s pressing issues into relatable […]

Charles Groenhuijsen: America is becoming progressively progressive. Really.

Once in a small Dutch town, called Utrecht, Charles Groenhuijsen studied history. He always had a passion to understand how we get to where we are today. A drive to learn the reasons behind events that impact how we see the world, what affects our attitude and what models and shapes how we move forward. […]

Luan Buleshkaj: Former radio presenter turned whimsical wordsmith

Luan Buleshkaj is a former radio presenter turned whimsical wordsmith. The well-known spoken word artist encompasses a kind of magic that very few of us could ever achieve. It could be something to do with the fact he’s worked in a number of copywriting roles, or it could have something to do with his blood […]

Femke van der Laan: Makes a Plea for Sorrow

Femke van der Laan used to be a writer of columns for several Dutch magazines. Usually those pieces of writing had a fun, light feel to them, they were easy reads. However, all that changed in 2017 when her husband, Eberhard van der Laan, the mayor of Amsterdam, died. Cancer got the best of him, […]

Toine Heijmans: Who cares for the caregivers?

Toine Heijmans, the multi award winning columnist, editor and novelist who’s made a credible stamp with his input writing for Volkskrant will take the stage at this year’s TedxAmsterdam. A writer who’s work is heavily infused by the experience he’s gained from writing and reporting in different sectors and mediums. From weekly columns to television […]