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Acts Worth Knowing

Adding contrast to the urban jungle – one stitch at a time

 We have said it before: Acts don’t have to be monumental in order to bring something positive to our city. A great example is the bridge near the Eye Museum. Every day, hundreds of commuters, visitors and other passers-by notice the pink knitted scarfs that decorate the grey metal construction.

A community at the intersection of culture and sustainability

When you think of Afro-Carribean food, ‘vegan’ is probably not the first word that comes to mind. But if it’s up to Martin, Merrel, and Sharon, this could change soon. In 2020, the trio founded Amsterdam’s first Vegan Community, Yemayá, in Amsterdam Zuidoost. A year later, they are endorsed by

Project Fearless: redefining girlhood from the ground up

Fearlessness isn’t a quality conventionally attributed to young girls. Most women reading this article, in fact, will likely remember coming of age in a society in which teachers described them not as being bold and decisive, but bossy; films telling them that girls and women like them are expected to

Our food waste problem and the Healthy & Affordable solution

  Our unsustainable relationship with food — particularly in the West, where, according to the FAO, an incredible one third of all food is wasted — has long required urgent redressing. But it’s been this past year in particular that has starkly exposed the imbalance in our relationship with food.

Neighborhood Feminists: Periods are not a women’s issue. Period.

In Amsterdam, roughly one in five people live below the poverty line. Among them, an estimated 26,000 people experience period poverty – the lack of access to sanitary products due to financial constraints. At the base line, this creates physical and mental discomfort. At a deeper level, it causes (further)

Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam: Making an Impact by ‘Being There’

At first glance, ‘Gappie Gezocht’ might appear as a response to the Corona crisis. Simone tells us, however, that the campaign was prepared prior to the pandemic: “We observed that there was a lot of demand for 1-on-1 volunteering in various areas – help with practical chores, people battling loneliness,

About Acts Worth Knowing

Amsterdam is a creative, dynamic, and innovative city. It is home to countless inspiring individuals, forward-thinking initiatives, and remarkable organisations, who work towards positive change on both a local and international scale every day. Sadly, not all of these acts make it to the TEDxAmsterdam mainstage. But that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the platform – far from it. 

Instead of bringing people to the TEDxAmsterdam stage, our Acts Worth Knowing campaign brings the stage to the people. It shines a spotlight on the local individuals, initiatives, and organisations that deserve to have their story shouted from the rooftops. We’ll look inward, to engage with day-to-day experience of living in the different levels of our society throughout the city, but also outward, with the ultimate aim to show Amsterdam what it can learn from its own people and the world what it can learn from Amsterdam. 

An Act Worth Knowing doesn’t have to be groundbreaking to stand tall on the red dot. If anything, we intend to illustrate that even the smallest steps and daily acts can make a difference. Whether that’s a neighbour cleaning your street on the weekends, or an organisation funding refugee start-ups, we want to know about it – and make sure other people know about it too. At TEDxAmsterdam, we’re opening ourselves up to our community to listen, share, and inspire. 

The larger the audience, the bigger the movement. So, what can you do? First off: spread the word. See something you love? Tell your friends. Suggestions for an Act Worth Knowing? Use our nomination box! Secondly, you can take action. All of our posts will provide you with practical suggestions on how to get involved – whether that’s volunteering or sharing their posts on Instagram. The movement towards positive change depends upon gathering momentum; even the smallest of steps can speed up the journey. And sometimes, all we need is to be pointed in the right direction. 

Suggest an Act

Suggest an Act