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Where TEDx Amsterdam is about ‘ideas worth sharing’ the TEDx Amsterdam Award is all about ‘ideas worth doing’.

After movie of 2016 workshops to experience the energy

Do you ever wonder?

  • How to further develop the platform for the inspiring project you’re developing or taking to the next level. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been at it for many years or have just started out in the most determined of fashions. What counts for us is that this is your greatest passion.
  • Would it be helpful to expose your project and tell your story to thousands of intelligent change makers and be actively supported by some of the best professionals in The Netherlands when it comes to science and business, financing, pitch coaching, legal matters, start-ups, scale ups and business development? And, perhaps, is now the time to do so?
  • Would you like to become part of the inspiring TEDxAmsterdam Award alumni community?
  • And how does a chance to pitch your idea, as a live TEDxTalk, on the stage of TEDxAmsterdam 2018 in the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam sound to you?

Have you ever wondered about this?

Well, at TED and TEDxAmsterdam we like people who wonder. We are inspired by ideas and projects that can change lives and ultimately the world. Your ideas can help shape and impact the future, and we want to help you realize this. We can support you in finding a platform and help you identify the right way to tell your story and take your project to the next level. 

More about the sign-up process

  • We accelerate and improve ideas and projects through offering support, knowledge, experience and exposure to our network of influencers, change makers, business partners and science partners.
  • We create momentum by connecting inspiring people.
  • We tell the world about these ideas by showcasing them on our live stage and sharing the stories on our social media channels.

We welcome ideas that:

  • Take people, planet and purpose as a starting point. Planning to make a profit too? Kudos to you. But if that’s not the purpose we still want to hear from you!
  • Are in the areas of energy, circular use and sustainability of natural resources including food and water, education, social cohesion, physical and mental wellbeing or social innovation.
  • Inspire people.
  • Have a significant impact (or plan to do so).
  • Are connected to the Netherlands.
  • Are driven by people who are happy to step into the arena to make this happen.

To apply for the award program submit your application no later than October 5th. After careful selection we’ll invite the most relevant submissions for the award workshop on October 19th.

Here you’ll meet our partners, experts, pitch coaches and Award alumni in an intense workshop that will last all day. An energising opportunity to sharpen your ideas, improve your presentation skills, tell your story from a completely different angle, grab the attention of influencers and extend your network with like minded individuals.

And then? Well, when you’ve sharpened your story and pitching skills we will finally introduce a competitive element: through a couple of pitching sessions we’ll create a long list of 15 participants who will get a chance to pitch for our executive jury. In the end, the finalists will have a chance to appear on the TEDxAmsterdam stage on November 29th!

We can write paragraphs on this subject. We can introduce the experts, lawyers, financiers, consultants, change makers, scientists and business builders that you may meet there. We can tell you what tremendous value you get out of the pitch coaching, or what your story telling will do for your project, or about the award alumni who made it thanks to the support of the TEDxAmsterdam Award. But why don’t you just watch and listen: these ladies were on stage at TEDx in 2013 with an idea for a product that would truly make a difference. Now you can find them in major retailers across the Netherlands .. Yoni!

And this is what last year’s participants had to say after the workshop: Aftermovie

Just hit the button and remember: ‘Less is more’! A former American president once wrote: “I’m sorry I wrote you this long letter. I simply did not have the time to write you a short one.”

So take your time and keep it short. Likewise, TED speakers get a maximum of 18 minutes to tell the story of their life, requiring them to get to the point fast. So we expect that conciseness from our Award participants too!

Check this document here to understand what we can offer qualifying candidates and finalists. Or check the aftermovie and see what the Award is all about!

Sign up for the Award!

Finalists Award 2017

Out of hundreds of admissions, five finalists were selected to pitch their ideas on the stage at TEDxAmsterdam. All receiving training in pitching their ideas and the opportunity to network with our partners. Curious? Experience their immersive pitches below.