Music of session 2: Enjoy The Wind, Black Ink and MC FIT

In this post we give you a small recap of the music acts served in the second session. Enjoy the sweet taste of great music performed by The Wind, Black Ink and MC FIT.

Blown away by The Wind (Ensemble)

A jazzy saxophone starts playing, a man slowly enters the stage. A beautiful solo is being played. As the song continues, more and more musicians join the stage. The saxophone, once playing solo, now becomes part of something bigger. Connected to each other, the base player, the drummer and other wind players gather around the saxophone player. As they add their colors to the collection, the music gets richer, gains power, and works towards the highlight. The audience is left blown away.

For the love of it

Playing together for the love of it. That’s the main driver of this special group of artists. They are The Nederlands Blazers Ensemble (Netherlands Wind Ensemble, NBE). An ensemble which combines musicians from all the major Dutch symphony orchestras. It’s formed by soloists from the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Rotterdam Philharmonic, the radio orchestras, the Residentie Orchestra of The Hague and the Holland Symfonia. The NBE’s twenty or so members bring winds, horns, percussion and double bass to the table. They meet up around eighty times a year to perform both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Adventurous performers

Famous for their adventurous programming, they enjoy playing the classical repertoire, as well as the work of the major composers of the 20th and 21st centuries. The musicians regard each concert as a performance which has to move the audience. And so they manage to do so!

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Beautiful Black Ink

Tradition placed in modern times

Minyeshu’s music is recognizable by the Afro-pop and Ethio-jazz sounds. It is tradition placed in modern times, so to speak. Minyeshu was born in the city of Dire Dawa in the east of Ethiopia. During her childhood she moved to Addis Ababa and at the age of 17 she joined the leading ‘National Theatre’ of Ethiopia. Here she developed her artistic multi talents as a singer, dancer, producer and choreographer.

Since 2005 Minyeshu is playing concerts on the International music scene. Touring with the elite of the Ethiopian music scene, she visited more than 35 countries within 4 months. She returned to Africa to play at the 2nd Pan-African Festival in Algeria. She performed with Salif Keita, Youssou N’Dour, Angelique Kidjo and Baaba Maal. Her New CD Black Ink was produced by Stefan Kruger and Stefan Schmid (Zuco 103, Caro Emerald)

Respecting her roots

Although living abroad, in her music Minyeshu doesn’t deny her Ethiopian roots. Her album Dire Dawa (2008) was named after her birthplace in Harari Region in eastern Ethiopia. Musically she mixes up uplifting danceable songs, with sober songs that get under your skin.

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MC FIT: unblended reality

“Wow”, with that expression Glen Faria opens his act. “A bit nervous”, he says, but he is already playing with the audience. His smiling face is changing as he starts playing beautiful guitar chords. Then his sweet voice opens up, telling us a harsh story. The beauty of the song in contrast to the darkness of his story and makes it a intriguing act.

After his performance MC FIT, not only a fine artist but also a joker, has a small surprise. He takes the stage for one more minute to translate his Dutch song to English  for “those who didn’t understand any <peeep> of what I just sang”. Jim Stolze joking: “Note to self: artist find new ways of stealing time”. We  don’t mind Jim, we can’t get enough of Glen!

The story behind Glen Faria

MC Fit, also known as Glen Faria, started rapping 20 years ago. He also worked as an actor and theatre maker and as MC at Hiphop events. After the success with his band De Flinke Namen, he started a solo theatre show called Glen Faria. The album of the same name has songs on love, family and lots more. MC Fit’s live show combines visuals, rap and songs. Also starring is the piano, which he taught himself to play. The piano plays a major role on the album, on which every song starts with a piano tune.

His stunning performance at Giel on Radio 3FM

Reality disguised as an album

On the album FIT we can not only find tracks about love, but also about the temptations of life. This makes his solo debut an honest one, no fairytales, but unblended reality disguised in beautiful songs. With the album he shows another side of Glen Faria, showing us his view of reality. Frank, sincere and painfully recognizable.

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