I'm in Edinburgh! (from Amsterdam, via Chicago)

TEDGlobal2011 – Live from Amsterdam

At this very moment, Edinburgh is the place to be. An entire week of inspirational talks, activating sessions and grand parties. TEDGlobal 2011 is hosting 50-plus speakers and performers, set in the energizing city of Edinburgh. Count me in, I dare say!

Alas… I’m stuck in Amsterdam. I can’t make it to the other side of the Channel… or can I? There are actually quite a lot of options to keep track of all the ideas presented on the TEDGlobal main stage over in Edinburgh. There’s Twitter, there’s blogging, there’s a live webcast… every online option to help spread ideas is used to its full advantage.
But then… it’s not quite the same thing to gather ideas by yourself, or to experience them collectively. Any gained knowledge is worthless unless shared; the sharing itself makes an idea grow, and makes you a part of the idea instead of a mere witness.

Sneak peek TED Global 2011 stage

Sneak peek TED Global 2011 stage

So that’s where Chicago comes into play. Boom Chicago to be exact. This comedy theatre in the heart of Amsterdam is the venue for TEDxAmsterdam Live. A possibility to see the speakers in Edinburgh live, via a big screen… together with 200 other TED enthusiasts. This is not about consuming ideas then, but more about gaining momentum. About finding kindred spirits to expand upon the ideas, or to generate new ones.
But there’s more: apart from the livecast, there will be exclusive talks on stage. Ranging from ‘The Future of Health’ to ‘Game development’ to ‘TEDxBaghdad’ and featuring some renowned speakers.

‘Nuff said. I’ll be in Edinburgh (from Amsterdam, via Chicago). Not just listening to great presentations, but adding my own perspective to them and talking to other great thinkers and doers about them. Because that’s what TED is really about. And that’s what makes ideas change the world.
And what’s more: I’ll be live-blogging. About all the stuff that’s NOT said and done in the official streams and reports. All the stuff that happens just before or after a presentation, the understanding glances, the whispering at the bar, the schmoozing in the hallway, the laughs at the restrooms… all the stuff that great ideas are made of.

So if you can’t make it to Edinburgh, or Amsterdam, or even Chicago: follow the live-blog and send me any feedback or questions. Use me… to add your perspective to TEDxAmsterdam Live!

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