Please note that all times are approximate. It’s a live event, so you never know what might happen.

09:00 - 11:00 Session 1

  • Nora Fisher, Egidius Kwartet, Nepco, Kapok and KO Brass -

    Starts at 09:00.

    TEDxAmsterdam 2014 – Opening Ceremony
    Somewhere in Time…

  • Kumi Naidoo -

    Starts at 09:45.

    Kumi Naidoo is a South African human rights activist and the International Executive Director of Greenpeace. He has a long history of social activism, battling apartheid in South Africa in the 1970s and 1980s through the Helping Hands Youth Organisation. Naidoo led global campaigns to end poverty and protect human rights. Recently, he has led the Global Call for Climate Action.

  • Huba de Graaf and Egidius Kwartet with Apera -

    Starts at 10:05.

    Huba de Graaff did research on the ‘singing’ capabilities of monkeys and she found some interesting similarities between early medieval singing and singing monkeys. For her opera she made transcriptions of 10 noise making apes…

  • George Vaillant -

    Starts at 10:20.

    As a psychiatrist and a professor at Harvard Medical School and the director of Research for the Department of Psychiatry, Vaillant is responsible for the longest longitudinal study of human development ever undertaken. Since 1938 this study has kept an eye on 200 men. At a time when many people around the world are living into their tenth decade, this study offers welcome news for the new old age: our lives continue to evolve in our later years and often become more fulfilling than before.

  • Nora Fischer & Claron McFadden, Mike Fentross -

    Starts at 10:40.

    Nora Fisher and Claren McFadden will perform a Monteverdi together with Mike Fentross on theorbe.

  • Michaela DePrince -

    Starts at 10:50.

    Born Mabinty Bangura, she grew up as an orphan in Sierra Leone during the civil war. Her father was shot by rebels when she was three years old, and her mother starved to death soon after. Frequently malnourished, mistreated, and derided as a ‘devil’s child’ because of her skin condition, she fled to a refugee camp after her orphanage was bombed. In 1999, at the age of four, she was adopted. Inspired by a picture she found and kept while in Sierra Leone, DePrince trained as a ballet dancer.

11:30 - 13:00 Session 2

  • Jimmy Nelson -

    Starts at 11:30.

    Photographer Jimmy Nelson set out to document the world’s last indigenous cultures, which are rapidly disappearing. Since his TEDxAmsterdam Talk in 2013 a lot has happened. He gives us an update.

  • Nora Fischer with Headlines -

    Starts at 11:41.

    Nora Fischer will sing a piece from the the reality opera THE NEWS by avant-pop composer JacobTV. This show uses speech grooves, video, international media footage and live music, with the theme of creating a critical spotlight on our media driven society.

  • Kim Spierenburg -

    Starts at 11:44.

    Kim Spierenburg started playing the violin at the age of six. She found that playing the violin has helped her to cope with her autoimmune disease. The vibrations, transferring through her body via the violin, help to ease her constant pain. She is currently studying at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

  • Rainer Goebel -

    Starts at 11:54.

    Rainer Goebel is a professor of Cognitive Neuroscience in the department of psychology at Maastricht University as well as the founding director of the Maastricht Brain Imaging Center and involved with the Institute for Neuroscience in Amsterdam. He combines functional brain imaging with neural network modelling to advance our understanding of brain function at multiple levels of organization. In short: his research shows how we think.

  • Remy van Kesteren -

    Starts at 12:14.

    Remy van Kesteren has been playing harp since the age of 5 and entered the conservatory only five years later. He just won the largest International Harp Competition in the world in the USA, reached 500,000 visitors during the Night of the Proms. At TEDxAmsterdam Remy describes his first meeting with his teacher Isabelle Moretti and how she taught him to blend passion and technique.

  • 3 Award Finalists -

    Starts at 12:26.

    Bucket Line – Sergio van Santvoort Vorst
    Matching people who are in need of help (due to e.g. severe illness) with people in their neighborhood who are willing to help.
    Plastic Madonna – Peter Smith
    When litter meets art, faith in humanity gets restored.
    Candy becomes plastic – Gerben Stouten
    How to solve the plastic waste issue in the world? Using bacteria that eat waste and produce bio plastic.

  • Kris Berry (ft Remy van Kesteren, Morris Kliphuis) -

    Starts at 12:53.

    Kris Berry is a Caribbean singer and songwriter. Her music represents the essence of the places where she grew up: the islands Curacao and St. Maarten. Her style represents all things southern and include Latin, jazz and gospel.

  • Job Koelewijn & Lucas de Man -

    Starts at 12:59.

    The moment you physically touch an icon is the moment you escape time, says artist Job Koelewijn about his project One Taste.
    The audience of TEDxAmsterdam will literally taste that…. This performance presented by Lucas de Man is part of “De Grote Kunstshow,” (The Big Art Show) an intiative of Johan Idema, Nina Folkersma and Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam Expanding Theater.

14:15 - 15:45 Session 3

  • Simon Anholt -

    Starts at 14:15.

    Simon Anholt is one of the world’s leading thinkers and practitioners on ultra-widescale human engagement. He is the founder of the Good Country Index, the world’s first study of how much each country on earth contributes to the rest of humanity and to the planet.

  • Ties Mellema & Friends: Nora Fisher & The Four Baritons -

    Starts at 14:29.

    Together with Ties Mellema and the Four Baritons, Nora will sing two pieces from the Beck Song Reader Project: “Please leave a light on when you go” (arr. Morris Kliphuis) & “Rough on Rats” (arr. Tini Thomsen).

  • Simon Anholt - Part 2

    Starts at 14:34.

  • Chris Nietvelt, Else-Linde Buitenhuis, Eline Bergmann, Dennis Rudge - The Art of Dying

    Starts at 14:40.

    The Art of Dying – Chris Nietvelt, Else-Linde Buitenhuis & Eline Bergmann and Dennis Rudge

    At TEDxAmsterdam we will bear witness to three deaths on stage. Othello’s sad suicide by Dennis Rudge, la grande finale from the opera La Traviata by Else-Linde Buitenhuis and Eline Bergmann and Chris Nietvelt’s last breath in Sentimenti. This tribute to death scenes is an initiative of Gian van Grunsven and Bert Hana.

  • Ari Seth Cohen & Debra Rapoport -

    Starts at 14:45.

    Ari Seth Cohen is the creator of Advanced Style, a street style blog documenting, in his words, the ‘fashion and wisdom of the senior set.’  Cohen is passionate about his subjects and society’s treatment of older people. “I think that people neglect, forget, or ignore older people and don’t realize their worth.” He will be accompanied by the very stylish Debra Rapoport. She is a fashion blogger, a textile designer and was named “Most Stylish New Yorker,” by Time Out Magazine.

  • Henk Schiffmacher -

    Starts at 15:00.

    Henk Schiffmacher is a tattoo artist, painter, writer, collector, and world traveler. He has extensive knowledge of the role of tattoos through the ages, in different cultures, and in their role in the process of mourning.

  • Duncan Stutterheim - Celebrate Life

    Starts at 15:29.

    Duncan Stutterheim is a well-known entrepreneur in music, festivals, and dance. He has fostered many start ups where youth culture and innovation collide. His latest project is called ‘Open House’ and enables start ups in the entertainment industry to get noticed.

16:15 - 18:00 Session 4

  • Eran & George - Solve World Peace

    Starts at 16:15.

    Two performers, one Syrian-Dutch and the other Israeli Dutch performer, come together to “solve” the problems of the Middle East. Eran Ben Michaël and George Elias Tobal take on the horrific war in Syria and the seemingly unsolvable conflict in Israel with humor and optimism.

  • Ton van Oostwaard -

    Starts at 16:35.

    Ton van Oostwaard is an engineer on a mission. He is trying to clear up the air surrounding the city of Amsterdam by building a green belt of pollution absorbing plants. Amsterdam is surrounded by an ancient and empty area used for its defense, the perfect place to plant those CO2 eating shrubs.

  • Peninah Nthenya Musyimi -

    Starts at 16:41.

    Peninah Nthenya Musyimi grew up surrounded by prostitution, violence against women and low expectations in the Muthare slums of Nairobi, Kenya. She willed her way in to school and decided to help the vulnerable in a world ‘which is cruel to girls’. She helps girls in the slums of Kenya to feel safe, play spots and get educated.

  • David Allen -

    Starts at 16:55.

    Getting in control and creating space with the natural planning model. David Allen knows how to master a good work-life balance. He is a consultant and founder of a program called: Getting Things Done. He has become the patron saint of overworked professionals with busy lifestyles.

  • Neelie Kroes -

    Starts at 17:13.

    Neelie Kroes started her political career over 40 years ago. After a long period of working on the board of commissioners of several multinational corporations she returned to active politics when she became European Commissioner.

  • Kees Hulst - Posthumous Talk Joep Lange -

    Starts at 17:28.

    Joep Lange, professor of Medicine at the University of Amsterdam, was one of the most prominent professionals in his field. He spent much of his career researching HIV/AIDS and advocating for improved access to therapy in developing countries. He died tragically when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down over the Ukraine in July 2014. Days before his departure, he was working on a booklet about research in Africa. In his memory, Kees Hulst will share his story at TEDxAmsterdam.

  • Nicole Beutler - ECHO: There is no such thing at lost time

    Starts at 17:40.

    Nicole Beutler lives and works in Amsterdam as a choreographer and theater maker. Her work is situated on the threshold of dance, performance, and visual arts and often refers to history. Her performance “ECHO: There is no such thing at lost time” enters into a dialogue with the past, present, and future of dance.