Program 2015

TEDxAmsterdam is very proud to present the program for the November 27, 2015 event.

All times are approximate and subject to change. This is a live event.

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09:00 - 11:30 Session 1

  • Lucas de Man and New Heroes - Opening Act

    Starts at 09:00.

    Read more about Lucas de Man and New Heroes.

  • Mark Dingemanse - The Power of 'Huh?'

    Starts at 10:00.

    Read more about Mark Dingemanse.

  • Victoria Roosenrot - Performance

    Starts at 10:12.

    Read more about Victoria Roosenrot.

  • Gaudencio Mondano - How Do You Overcome Disaster?

    Starts at 10:30.

    Read more about Gaudencio Mondano.

  • Romano Haynes - Spoken Word

    Starts at 10:40.

    Read more about Romano Haynes.

  • Maurice Mikkers - How Do Tears Turn into Art?

    Starts at 10:48.

    Read more about Maurice Mikkers.

  • Jacqueline Hamelink - Performance

    Starts at 10:59.

    Read more about Jacqueline Hamelink.

  • Leo Kouwenhoven - Can We Make Quantum Technology Work?

    Starts at 11:12.

    Read more about Leo Kouwenhoven.

12:30 - 14:00 Session 2

  • PIPS:lab - Performance

    Starts at 12:30.

    Read more about PIPS:lab.

  • Tika Stardust - Love Without Borders

    Starts at 12:38.

    Read more about Tika Stardust.

  • Ntjam Rosie - Performance

    Starts at 12:48.

    Read more about Ntjam Rosie.

  • TEDxAmsterdam Award Finalists - TEDxAmsterdam Award

    Starts at 12:51.

    Read more about TEDxAmsterdam Award Finalists.

  • Damiaan Denys - What is the Relationship Between Angst and Freedom?

    Starts at 13:14.

    Read more about Damiaan Denys.

  • Siyanda Mohutsiwa - Is Africa's Future Online?

    Starts at 13:34.

    Read more about Siyanda Mohutsiwa.

14:30 - 15:30 Session 3

  • Dutch National Research Agenda - What Do Scientists Know?

    Starts at 14:30.

    Read more about Dutch National Research Agenda.

  • Maite HontelĂ© - How Does a Dutch Trumpet Player Become Famous in Colombia?

    Starts at 14:37.

    Read more about Maite Hontelé.

  • Ad Vingerhoets - Why Do Only Humans Weep?

    Starts at 14:49.

    Read more about Ad Vingerhoets.

  • Khadija Massaoudi - Children Ask Big Questions

    Starts at 15:00.

    Read more about Khadija Massaoudi.

  • Matt Stopera - Where's my phone?

    Starts at 15:16.

    Read more about Matt Stopera.

16:15 - 18:00 Session 4

  • FALT - Performance

    Starts at 16:15.

    Read more about FALT.

  • Zelda La Grange - Is it natural to hate?

    Starts at 16:24.

    Read more about Zelda La Grange.

  • Avi Yaron - My brain tumor: a curse or a blessing?

    Starts at 16:38.

    Read more about Avi Yaron.

  • Robin Coops - Performance

    Starts at 16:55.

    Read more about Robin Coops.

  • Michel Abdel Malek - What will you do?

    Starts at 17:05.

    Read more about Michel Abdel Malek.

  • Lucas de Man and New Heroes - Closing Act

    Starts at 17:30.

    Read more about Lucas de Man and New Heroes.