TEDxAmsterdam 2011

The third edition of TEDxAmsterdam on November 25th, 2011 was all about Human Nature. An amazing team of enthusiastic volunteers, partners and performers has worked hard to create an unforgettable experience making Ideas Worth Spreading reality. From this page you will find all information about last years edition of TEDxAmsterdam at hand.

Human Nature

This year’s TEDxAmsterdam aimed to bring you some of the most valuable insights on ourselves: the human being. “What is it like to be human?”, we asked. Is there something like human nature or are we ‘just monkeys in shoes’ to quote the father of founder Jim Stolze.When we choose, the impact of our choices is unknown. “Humans always seem to know why they do what they do, but is that really how it works? We wanted to provoke attendants with questions and stories about what it means to be human”, founder Jim Stolze tells us. The most fascinating about the theme “Human Nature” to us at TEDxAmsterdam was the blind spot humans tend to have: we are so common with being human, yet we know so little about ourselves.

Speakers and performers from all over the world and from different disciplines have put our minds to work about our deepest motivations, how genes influence important parts of our behaviour and where our feelings come from. We’ve focussed on human accomplishments, people’s unbreakable spirits and practical wisdom able to change the natural environment we’re living in. Next to that we’ve taken you a step further and invited speakers that highlight irrationality, human error and unexpected connections: exploring the darker sides of our mind appeared to be truly intriguing too. Special attention was for questions about the future – how will we influence, improve and alter our brain? Because “Human Nature” is not only about who we truly are, but also who we can become.


Not to worry when you’ve missed something from our very inspirational TEDxAmsterdam 2011 edition: you can watch it all back online! All talks are fully recorded on video or you can check out the amazing talks and performances in photos on Flickr.

Connecting the TEDxAmsterdam 2011 crowd

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