TEDxAmsterdam 2010

The second edition of TEDxAmsterdam took place on 30 November 2010. More than 800 people from all walks of life listened to 20 speakers and artists performing on the grand stage of the Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam.

The program of this year started with Nobel prize laureate Gerardus ‘t Hooft and ended with a unique performance of comedian Hans Teeuwen. In between there were two talks that were immediately selected for TED.com: Rogier van der Heide and Claron McFaddon.

Hans Teeuwen gave his first performance since 2005 at TEDxAmsterdam 2010

Since this was the second edition, the TEDxAmsterdam team had more time to prepare than the first time. This resulted in rather original choices, such as ‘snow on stage’, a real TEDxAmsterdam Award ceremony, lead by Job Ubbens, chairman of Christies.

Peter Westerveld gave a talk about ‘Snow on the Kilimanjaro’ and gave us a sneak preview

Also in 2010 there were many simulcast locations. Among them were the Deloitte Tower in Rotterdam, the Technical University of Delft and more than 700 people watched a 3D version of the simulcast at Pathé Tuschinski. And speaking of 3D… outside the Stadsschouwburg our audience endured the cold November weather to watch a spectacular projection designed by Arnout Hulskamp and his team.


Other highlights in 2010 were the beautiful magazine, crafted by Anita Mooiweer and her team at Sanoma Uitgevers, the launch of our Ideas Worth Doing-challenge, a performance of TEDxAmsterdam founder Jim Stolze at De Wereld Draait Door and of course the ever growing number of volunteers:

The TEDxAmsterdam Team now consists of 100 people who are all passionate about TEDx and about what TED represents. Some of them even initiated side events like TEDxChange (about de Millenium Development Goals at the Dialogues House), TEDxYouth (for kids at Science Center NEMO) and TEDxWomen (at Sotheby’s).

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