We’re off! TEDxAmsterdamLive (program)

We’re off!

Join us on Twitter with #TEDxAmsLive or #TEDGlobal, follow the mindmaps created live by World of Minds and check out our Radically Open Tumblr experiment!

Idea Donation Center

When inspired during or after a TEDGlobal talk we would like to ask you to ‘donate your mind’ and please tweet your best idea using this hashtag #myTEDidea with your name | idea | email (optional). Soon afterwards we will place your ‘TEDIdea’ in the live mindmap of the Connection of Minds Idea Donation Center for all TEDx fans worldwide to see and build upon. After TEDGlobal we will publish all the ideas! Visitors of the TEDxAmsterdamLive event can also leave their Ideas at the Idea Donation booth at De Balie.


“When we speak we are afraid our words will not be heard or welcomed. But when we are silent, we are still afraid. So it is better to speak” – Audre Lorbe

With true excitement we present the local program of TEDxAmsterdamLive (or #TEDxAmsLive for our tweeps). During this day all of you attending will witness a re-examination of your common senses.

As you know TEDxAmsterdamLive will take place on the 27th of June at de Balie. During this event we will live stream TEDGlobal 2012 from Edingburgh in Scotland. The theme is Radical Openness. Besides all the inspiring talks from twenty-five revolutionary speakers, the TEDxAmsterdamLive team has set up an amazing program. You will not find yourself in languor during this day. You can get your tickets here!

Hosted by Sebastiaan Labrie

The entire day will be hosted by Sebastiaan Labrie who is well known for his work in various TV shows and movies. His involvement in the TEDxAmsterdamLive event is not a coincidence as he is a big TED enthusiast! The entire day he will be presenting the speakers in the global and the local program.

Pieter Derks will entertain you during a short stand-up comedy show, for which he is renowned. A regular guest at “De Wereld Draait Door” and currently preparing his new show: “Van Nature”. We are delighted to welcome him and crack you up!

We are also proud to announce the presence of Johan Fretz, who has recently written the book “Fretz 2025”. Many of you must know him from his various mind blowing speeches. As a true harbinger he will be able to tell you what the future holds for you.

Authors on stage

Lebowski is presenting itself with two of their star authors. Besides Johan Fretz they are also presenting Jonathan Maas on stage at TEDxAmsterdamLive. There’s little chance that Jonathan Maas is an unknown name for you. He recently published his book “Wereldverbeteraars” and is writing for Trouw and the VPRO-magazine. His view on how you can change the world by looking at it from a different perspective will be an eye opener for many of us.

Martijn Hillenius is one of the live action inspirers on stage during TEDxAmsterdamLive 2012

Martijn Hillenius is one of the live action inspirers on stage during TEDxAmsterdamLive 2012

Martijn Hillenius will blow our beautiful minds during TEDxAmsterdamLive. He’s comedian, actor, screenwriter and self-proclaimed thinker. He writes for Spijkers met Koppen, Villa Achterwerk and Het Klokhuis. At the end of 2012 his first short film appears in co-production with the VPRO. And in 2013 you can all go and see him in the theater with his second solo show “Het grote gelijk”.

Visuals and musical performances

Music during the day is hosted by DJ Greg van Bueren and the entire day will be supported by World of Minds and Sjoerd Los‘ artwork on Tumblr, who will back up the speakers with interesting visuals. These visuals will also be available for all of the attendees, during, and after the event. This way you will have the opportunity to relive this day over and over again. During and shortly after the event the pictures made by Pam Kat will become available, so you can share the amazing day you had at TEDxAmsterdamLive.

We can attempt to tell you everything about the program; however the best way to inform yourself and to get inspired is by attending our event. Registering is still possible. We are looking forward meeting you on Wednesday!

(If you are in dire need of spoilers, you could check out the entire program (pdf)).

TEDxAmsterdamLive 2012 flyer front side De Balie TED Global Radical Openness - June 27th 2012

TEDxAmsterdamLive 2012 flyer front side De Balie TED Global Radical Openness - June 27th 2012

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