And we're off: TEDxAmsterdamED 2012

We are very proud to welcome a new event to the TEDxAmsterdam family: TEDxAmsterdamED 2012. This event, focusing on ideas concerning education, will take place in June next year. On the 13th of October a diverse group of people came together for an exciting first meeting. Tim was there.

Some of the enthousiastic team members

Some of the enthousiastic team members

If TEDxAmsterdamED 2012 is just as inspiring as the team kickoff meeting, I would advise everyone involved in education to mark the 27th of September 2012 in their agendas. There, a very dynamic group of people, with great diversity in age, profession, and experience, overwhelmed me with an endless flow of ideas for TEDxAmsterdamED. And although the diversity of the group made for a great diversity of ideas, there is clearly something binding the group and their ideas together: every single team member is driven to make education better.

Own your inner entrepreneur

But how, you might want to know? As said, a lot of different great ideas came across, coming from people with a lot of different backgrounds. However, there were some interesting similarities in all ideas. We all agreed that TEDxAmsterdamED should encourage the entrepreneur inside of all professionals working with children. Instead of waiting for extra money and for regulations to change, TEDxAmsterdamED seeks to take the existing TED format of Ideas Worth Spreading and apply this to education. Through this unique platform, the team will strive to bring a great variety of stakeholders from all corners of education together at a single conference, for the opportunity to all share ideas and knowledge and change the playing field. Starting tomorrow.


Experimenting with shapes

Allowing the freedom to experiment with new and different ways of educating plays an important part in this. TEDxAmsterdamED will encourage this by sharing best practices from other industries, providing tools, resources and experiments, and by letting all attendees experience that other ways of teaching – both inside and outside of the classroom – can be an improvement. What exact shape TEDxAmsterdamED 2012 will have still has to be decided, but one thing is for sure: people attending the event are not just there to sit back and listening; these are the people who are going to change education.

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