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Check back here regularly – our man @martijnwinkler is multitasking here at Boom Chicago to provide you with the latest updates about what’s happening in Amsterdam, watching the TED Global livestream and the local program.

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

17:20 Thanks for following the live-blog everyone! Hope it gave you a sense of being-there without quite being-there #irl. Big shout from Boom Chicago, Amsterdam!

17:15 The end of the livestream
Gregory Shapiro ends off the last session and invites us all to the networking borrel. Let’s have a drink and talk ideas!

17:03 Karen Tse on ending torture
“We think of torture as a political tool, but 95% is for people who live in broken down political systems.”
We need to systematically organize access to legal council.
“What can I really do? Do anything, the one thing you can do. If we all do, then we can make a change happen.”

16:56 A presentation on TEDx
Thoughts and experiences from TEDxers all over the globe. The passion for great ideas is what binds them all.
And yes: TEDxAmsterdam (Jim Stolze) is part of the presentation, with special attention to Ideas Worth Doing! How ’bout that.

16:39 Ben Goldacre, the debunker
Exposing false or distorted claims in the media, based on science.
With industry based trials for new medicine, 70% of the time essential information (negative trial results) are withheld. This makes it impossible to determine the veracity of producers’ claims.

16:19 Pamela Meyer on lie-spotting
“Lying is a collaborative act.”
You need others for a lie to work.
Lies feed on the fact that everybody is hungry for something. “Strangers lie 3 times within the first 10 minutes of meeting each other.” Lying is part of our culture, part of our DNA.
It is staggering: the statistics on how much we actually lie to others, to ourselves, to our spouses. Be honest: how much do you lie every day?
Pamela is now going through some tell-tale cues of lying: fake smiles, face expression, lowering the vocal tone… red flags that MIGHT mean: this person is lying.

16:03 Eddie Reader
Extraordinary singer/songwriter Eddi Reader sings the haunting “Semiprecious,” as a theme for TED Global Session 6: The Dark Side.

15:39 Mikko Hypponen on cybercrime
Mikko is now holding an actual floppy disk (remember those?) with the first PC virus ever found. The history of viruses is an interesting one, with hackers leaving their address and telephone number in the code. And cute visual animations of the ‘virus’ on your computer screen.
Nowadays, viruses are vastly different… and more extensive. But some of these classic traits still exists. A surprising number of virus programmers are found via Google, or their blogs…
Fighting online crime is essential to keep the internet worthwhile. That fight must be global.

15:19 Misha Glenny on hacking
“There are two kinds of companies in the world. Those that know and those that don’t know that they’ve been hacked.”
We are at the beginning of a struggle for control of the internet.
Hackers make good money (“150K per month, tax free of course”), but seem socially inapt. Signs of autism are apparent with most high profile hackers.
“Despite the fact that we’re willing to pour billions of dollars into cyber security, no one talks to the hackers.”

15:15 And we’re back in Edinburgh again!
In an uncanny timing, Gregory Shapiro ends our live session here in Amsterdam and sends us out to Scotland via the livecast (which is still working flawlessly!).

14:52 Anu Maatta from Fablabs
AnuMaattaFablabs is a global network of creators. Anu gives us the lowdown on the makings and workings of this innovative collaboration.

14:40 Zuraida Buter: a live experiment on collaboration
Zuraida just handed out play dough to the audience, as an experiment for collaboration. There is a theme: ‘A day in the park.’ Assignment: form a team and create a collaborative design. There’s a couple of minutes to brainstorm with your adhoc gathered team, then a short time to create something with the play-dough, and then…
The crowd goes wild now, people packed together brainstorming, fiddling their play-dough! What will the eventual creation be?
Proud team members are now showing their creations on stage… tiny tiny clay figurines.

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

14:27 Michael van de Wetering – Education Transformation

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

How can we change the standardized process of education to a personalized approach? Due to the industrialization, we’re stuck with this mass-system of education. More and more, in an informational economy, a personal system is essential to nurture creativity, for instance. Educational materials could adapt to the individual student using them… Technological innovations, however, tend to scare educational institutions and teachers. Can machines replace teachers? No, but they can be a great extension.
“Help us innovate education!”

14:16 Lucien Engelen on the ‘Future of Health’
LucienEngelenLucien Engelen works at the Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre. He advises the board of directors on electronic and digital changes in the healthsector. He calls it Health 2.0.
There are gaps in health care: patients and doctors are changing. Is health care ready to go social, to learn from 2.0 tools? Yes!
The killer app for health care: listening. There is so little time to listen to patients nowadays, so this is explicitly done by a CLO (Chief Listening Officer).

14:00 Yori Swart, the winner of the Amsterdam Pop Award
Music maestro! Finally, a greatly appreciated musical intermezzo by fabulous singer-songwriter Yori Swart.
Just hum along at home or in the office, dear readers! :-)
People are starting to fall in love here in the audience. What a beautiful performance!

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

13:51 Monique van Dusseldorp about TEDxAmsterdam

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

A sneak preview of the program this november. There is a specific theme: Human Nature (not the Michael Jackson song, mind you). Is human nature a fixed element, or can we change it, and how can we do that? A question that biologists, philosophers, artists, and alike ponder.
An ambition is to make the program varied as well. Let’s bring the diversity of Amsterdam to the event.
And looking for some individual live stories of human nature!

13:46 Edinburgh is going for lunch, but…
…Amsterdam’s had its lunch already! We’re moving on to live speeches here at Boom Chicago!
Never a dull moment at TEDxAmsterdam Live!

13:29 Karol Boudreaux about empowering the development world
How to draw from the local community, the knowledge and experience at the spot. How to empower communities through entrepeneurships. There is a model: Community Based Natural Resource Management.
Namibia is a great example of a country where strides are being made through this model.
Lessons learned: “Empower with resource rights.” & “Build on local knowledge.”

13:22 ‘Sand artist’ Joe Castillo
Well, dear readers, can’t really help you out on this blog for this one, I’m afraid. Joe Castillo is doing incredible stuff with his hands and sand, creating visual storytelling on the spot.
You have to see it to get it.

It's a full house here at TEDxAmsterdam Live! - photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

It's a full house here at TEDxAmsterdam Live! - photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

13:01 Cynthia Kenyon doubled the lifespan of a worm in one experiment
“Damaging the gene encoding, the insulin, or the IGF-1 receptor can extend the lifespan of flies and mice.”

12:51 Elizabeth Murchison on cancer in the Tasmanian devil
This cancer, contagious and spreading, is actually threatening an entire species. Only with the Tasmanian devils? Unfortunately not. There’s a sexually transmitted cancer with dogs now.
It’s extremely rare that a cancer is transmitted amongst humans. But it is not an impossibility. We can defeat cancer.
“Let’s prevent the Tasmanian devil from being the first species to become extinct by cancer.”

12:45 Watching a terrific animated video on ‘The Emerging Order’
Stunning visuals on the mathematical order hidden in all of nature.
Do check it out:

Nature by Numbers on YouTube

12:23 The subversive power of language – Mark Pagel
What separates us from say, chimpanzees, is that we can watch and learn. Look at others, learn from their mistakes, improve on their solutions, and make them our own. “Social learning is visual theft.”
“Language evolved to solve the crisis of visual theft.” The appearance of language within a species creates an explosion of creativity and prosperity. Language then, is the most valuable trait we humans have.
Can we really afford to have all these different languages in the modern world? Think of all the incredible amounts of money spent on translations… So: one world, one language?

12:17 Livecast, start of session 5: What happened when humans met Neanderthals? Did we mix, or not?
Svante Paabo asks this intriguing question. Where does the modern human really come from? Main lesson learned: “We have always mixed!”

The audience at TEDxAmsterdam Live captivated by the speakers - photo by Jan-Jaap Heine

The audience at TEDxAmsterdam Live captivated by the speakers - photo by Jan-Jaap Heine

11:57 Suhad Alfartousi from TEDxBaghdad

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

photo: Jan-Jaap Heine

Talking about all the challenges facing the organization of a TEDx event in Baghdad. November 11th! Making the impossible possible!
First glimpse at the speakers:
Haider Ali – yoga school in Baghdad
Fareed Laftah – parachute jumping for peace
Zuhal Sultan – Iraqi youth orchestra, traveling the world to share their music

TEDxBaghdad promo video on YouTube

11:45 Second speaker on stage: Eiso Vaandrager from Ideas Worth Doing
What happened after the TEDxAmsterdam event last year? Well, people asked: what can we do to help? How can we make these ideas actually happen? And so: Ideas Worth Doing was created. Essentially, five projects were ‘adopted’ by TEDxAmsterdam, to add the help of the TED community and give them a productive boost.

Eiso Vaandrager - photo by Jan-Jaap Heine

Eiso Vaandrager - photo by Jan-Jaap Heine

There’s Contour Trenching: bringing water to dried out areas. The campaign ‘Just Dig It’ has just kicked off.
The Wind Drinker produces drinking water for 70 thousand people a day. An amazing technology, that really works and makes a difference. Presently, the project is starting off in Somaliland, one of the driest areas in the world.
The Ecoliner is a cargo ship, but then with sails and a hybrid engine. To make CO2 free transport possible. Hopefully, the first ship will be sailing in 2013!
Boosting Burundi is about gaining well-deserved attention for one of the few democratic countries in Africa.
TEDxBaghdad is the last Idea Worth Doing. And this one is actually happening, very soon indeed!

11:34 First speaker on stage @havenmaven
How to use social media meaningfully. Mediating on social media streams, to create meaningful, productive and unified communication. They’re looking for funding: help them out people. Great initiative!

11:26 Greg Shapiro hits the stage, live @BoomChicago!

Greg Shapiro hosting the TEDxAmsterdam Live event

During the break in Edinburgh now, our live program starts here in Boom Chicago. First off: checking the social- media savviness of our audience. People are on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Foursquare, you name it… sharing the ideas from TEDGlobal.
Next, the rule of the day is: you will applaud after a talk on the livecast, even though THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU. Just makes everything feel better. So you, following this blog from home, office or en route: do applaud as well!

11:08 Josette Sheeran on famine
Heart-stopping talk on the most fundamental expectation of every human being: to survive without starvation. “Every 10 seconds we lose a child to hunger.” Why is it that we have a billion people who cannot find food?
“It costs less than 25 cents a day to change a kid’s life.” It takes a plastic cup, it takes knowledge, it takes simple ideas to transform the fight against hunger. “Let’s draw a line, together with all of humanity, and say: No more.”

10:55 Inside Out Project
Great images from the Inside Out Project, as explained by JR.
“INSIDE OUT is a large-scale participatory art project that transforms messages of personal identity into pieces of artistic work. Upload a portrait. Receive a poster. Paste it for the world to see.”
Check it out:

Inside Out on YouTube

10:48 Robin Ince talking about Napoleon’s knee (and science)
It’s a comforting thought that some of my atoms might have actually been part op Napoleon’s knee, in the past. We as a people might be wasteful, but the universe as a whole is not at all wasteful. Every atom is recycled, always and forever. Some good laughs here during Robin Ince’s talk, and some agreeing nods as well.

10:25 Tim Harford on Marmite (and complexity)
“Thinking you understand how the world works… is simply contra-productive. The world is too complex to fully understand. This doesn’t mean we can’t solve the worlds problems. Only not as an almighty God… Humility is key. Trial and error.” Tim Harford is really making sense… and leaving quite an impression here.
“Show me a complex system that works, and I’ll show you a system that evolved through trial and error.”

10:11 Crunching the numbers from Asia with Yasheng Huang
No better way to start the day, than with a array of financial figures? Apparently not, considering our focused audience here at Boom Chicago. Economic growth, of course, is an essential element of any great idea. Either as a prerequisite, or as an intended result. Ideas are not just about good intentions, they are about entrepreneurship, opportunities and change. So… crunching the numbers is something any thinkers and doers of ideas should focus on. With the help of a strong cup of coffee, in my case!

09:43 First speaker “Future Billions”
“19% of the world populations owns 2/3rds of the wealth.” Niall Ferguson sharing some staggering and though provoking figures. The audience here in Amsterdam is immediately captivated.

09:31 And we’re off to a good start!
The coffee machine is working overtime, people are settling in their seats, there is a working video stream… we are all set for the livecast! Join us @BoomChicago, or if you are unable, check this liveblog every now and again. I’ll try to keep you posted on all planned (and unplanned) events here at TEDxAmsterdam Live!


Live image from front row at TEDGlobal in Edinburgh, thanks to our friends at TEDxBaghdad!

TED is all about Ideas worth sharing and sharing ideas is exactly what we are going to do! We are very happy to invite you to watch the livestream of TED Global with us at our friends from Boom Chicago on Wednesday July 13th, 2011.

From Tuesday July 12th till Friday July 15th TED will organise TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland. Of course you could follow the event by yourself at home, but wouldn’t you rather immediately share your ideas about what has just been shared on TED Global with other TEDsters? We sure would!

Remember the time? In 2010, we hosted our first TEDxLive at Boom Chicago

Remember the time? In 2010, we hosted our first TEDxLive at Boom Chicago

Come to Boom Chicago on the Leidseplein on Wednesday July 13th for TEDxLive. We will be viewing the sessions between 9.30 and 17.00, followed by networking drinks to continue sharing stories about our favorite TED talks from the day. During one of the Edinburgh breaks we will have some surprise performances of our own. Host for the day is Boom Chicago’s very own American Nederlander Greg Shapiro.

On July 13th we will update you on the great TEDxAmsterdam initiative Ideas Worth Doing, a program to make sharable ideas actually happen. The team behind one of those ideas – help starting up a TEDx Event in Baghdad, Iraq – will share their story with you. And of course we will give you a sneak preview of things to come on November 25th 2011, when TEDxAmsterdam is held for the third time.

We would love for you to join us on July 13th – yet only 200 seats are available, so please register below before July 8th. The event itself is free. The reservation fee of € 10 gets you a great lunch. Drinks can be paid for on the day itself.

When: Wednesday July 13th
From – Till: 9.30 (doors open at 9.00) – 17.00
Where: Boom Chicago, Leidseplein 12, Amsterdam
The event is free, the € 10,- reservation fee buys you lunch.

We hope to see you the 13th!

TEDxLive is an extension of the TEDx program, launched by TED in 2010. TEDxLive events are TEDx events built around the live webcast of TED Conferences. TEDxLive events enable TED enthusiasts all over the world to experience live sessions of the TED Conference; events can be simple viewing events, and may also host live speaker.

With kind regards,

TEDxLive Team
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