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Impression of stand-up Inspiration by punkmedia

In November 2009, during our very first TEDxAmsterdam, we ran a special session called TEDxAmsterdam University. People from the audience shared their own ‘ideas worth spreading’  in short and snappy three minute talks. However, due to a technical glitch at the time, the original talks weren’t recorded. We considered them lost forever in that most unthinkable of places (these days, anyway) – history, rather than online where they rightfully belong.

As luck would have it, our friends at ‘Stand up inspiration’ recently offered our TEDxUniversity speakers the chance to tell their story once more, as part of their wonderful series of evenings designed to get thoughts going, provoke debate and stimulate the mind.

This time, we made sure that the technical setup was perfect and ready to capture the magic of the night. Thanks to the video production skills of Henk Jan Winkeldermaat of Punkmedia, we’re now proud to present the video of some very special talks: the ideas, suggestions, dreams, of a selection of the TEDxAmsterdam delegates. So without further ado…

Dr Sanjay Sharma (Maastricht University India Institute), on ‘No Silence Please’:

Godert van Hardenbroek on Formula Zero, the green race car

Hajo van Beijma (Texttochange) on the use of SMS in Africa

Femke Lütgendorff on the deadly qualities of pro-biotics:

..and finally Elise de Bres (VLDB) on books in all their wonderful forms:

Inspired? Bursting with a great idea you just have to tell the world? Well, you’re on the right website for that. If you have an idea worth spreading for TEDxAmsterdam 2010, and you can communicate your vision in 3 minutes or less, let us know! Share your idea on the TEDxAmsterdam community website, or drop a line to me, as Program Director (

Do you have an idea worth spreading for TEDxAmsterdam 2010, and you can tell us in 3 minutes or less? Do not hesitate to let us know – share your idea on our TEDxAmsterdam community website, or drop a line to program director Monique van Dusseldorp

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