Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly
The first speaker we can introduce is Kevin Kelly. Although that name won’t ring a bell with most people, Kelly is a true phenomena in some circles. The international internet community will have its eyes on Amsterdam.

Kelly is one of the biggest thinkers in the world. He locked himself up for two years to work on his magnum opus ‘The Technium’, and will present his work for the first time at TEDxAmsterdam.

More about Kelly
Kelly talks about the influence of technology on our society. With his best seller Out of Control (1994) he predicted the rise of decentrialised systems and network economies, and the convergence between biology and technology — between living organisms and machines.

In 2005 he did the – now famous – TED Talk ‘The next 5,000 days on the web':

And in 2007 he followed up with ‘How technology evolves':

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If you want to blog or write about this news, you can read about Kelly on his website, high resolution photos are available there.  Also more information to be found in the press release regarding his attendance at TEDxAmsterdam.

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